We have designed this homepage in memory for our beloved first born daughter Celia Noelle. Celia lived only for seven hours on this earth but she will live forever in our hearts...

Celia was born September 1st 2001 and she died due to GBS (= Group B Streptococcus). The bacteria caused pneumonia and sepsis in Celia and she was not able to win her fight for life on this earth. Celia is or first daughter.  We were so happy when I got pregnant and couldn´t wait for the time where we would be holding Celia in our arms... we never thought that it would be only a short moment in our lifetime where we would be able to hug and kiss our daughter. The whole pregnancy was without complications and we never expected that after 41 weeks of pregnancy something could go so wrong during Labor and Delivery.

Celia left footprints on our hearts an in our souls. She is the most important part in our live and she will never be forgotten... that is why we made that website for our little angel, to share her story, to show how we cope with our grief and to let Celia live... through us!

Birgit and Todd Brasseaux

Berlin, Germany





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